NYSDEC 2021 Seedling Sale - The NoNo's on their list!


The 2021 Seedling Sale is a great way to acquire native trees and shrubs but unfortunately some of the trees and shrubs they are selling are no where near being native to even North America. Just because it's the New York State DEC, doesn't mean it's going to be a native plant. They are responsible for some of the invasive issues we have here on Long Island. For example, all of the Euonymous species, Hedera helix (English Ivy), Rosa rugosa (Rugosa rose) and others they have planted on the sides of the highways and medians. The most recent is the median along Veteran's Highway! Well, enough of my rant, read on for helpful information when picking your plants. The above link is the catalog for the sale.

DEC List - The ones to stay away from during their 2021 sale.

Hardwood Species:

Malus pumila - Wild Apple - native to Eurasia

Sorbus spp. (Sorbus species) - very misleading to newbies to native plants, not enough

information to make an educated decision...what is the species? Most likely non-native, since they can't nail down the species!

Populus deltoides x Populus sp. - Poplar Hybrid - Hybrid cultivar, most likely hybridized with European or Asian Poplar species. If it can't be narrowed down...step away!

Wildlife Habitat Shrubs/Small Trees:

Viburnum opulus - European Highbush Cranberry - on the invasive list, from Eurasia! The question here is why aren’t they growing our Viburnum trilobum - American Cranberrybush?

Rosa rugosa - invasive!!!! Do NOT plant this!!!!! The Rugosa rose is on the invasive list for Long Island and in other parts of the country. They should be shamed for promoting it.

Salix purpurea ‘Streamco’ - Streamco Purpleosier - native to Europe and the parent plant Salix purpurea aka Purpleosier is on the invasive list for the Northeast US. Explain to me why a cultivar of it would be okay?

Conifer Species:

Larix decidua - European Larch - native to Europe

Larix kaempferi - Japanese Larch - native to Japan

Pinus nigra - Black Pine - native to Europe

Pinus sylvestris - Scotch Pine - native to Eurasia

Picea abies - Norway Spruce - native to Europe

She blinds us with her beautiful flowers and bright red rose hips but she does nothing for the environment.